Can Peyronie’s disease occur a year after injury to the penis?

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The straightforward answer to this question is “yes.” That is because it may be that the initial injury which occurred one year ago, may have not actually triggered the Peyronie’s, but a subsequent silent injury may have finally set the stage to activate the abnormal scarring process. Up to 60% of the men I see in my practice are not aware of any injury that may have activated the Peyronie’s disease. The other 40% note that following the injury there is a period of pain, a palpable lump, and then deformity. This can all happen very quickly as in a matter of weeks or it may take months to evolve. Unfortunately, there is no absolute standard presentation for the man with Peyronie’s disease. This may reflect a variety of abnormalities which are happening within the body that ultimately presents with a scar and deformity which may be different in each individual.

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