What are the implications of PD secondary to catheterization trauma as regards the causal factors of PD? Why would inflammation in the urethra lead to PD? Why would injury to a separated part of the penis find its way to the tunica?

Dr. Mulhall answers: There exists no evidence that urethral catheterization causes Peyronie’s disease. Indeed, as you point out the “injury” would be remote from where the vast majority of the plaques are located. It is likely that the trauma that is implicated in Peyronie’s disease development is

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In any of the cases you’ve seen, is stress indicated as a possible trigger for Peyronie’s? I ask, because in me its appearance coincided with a very stressful period of my life.

Dr. Levine answers: Stress can certainly be a contributing factor to many disorders. It is unlikely to activate the Peyronie’s process directly, but stress may result in diminished rigidity which may subject the “at risk” penis to a greater likelihood of injury which would then activate the

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