In one of your answers you say the following: “Indeed, if treatment is started early it may prevent progression of the condition and may result in less length loss.” So taking a typical case of a lump in the middle causing an upward bend in the penis, what exactly would you use as “treatment” that is recommended early on and what is early?

Dr. Mulhall answers: There is great debate about this, but most authorities would recommend that the man use some form of treatment in an attempt to prevent progression. As mentioned in response to other questions, there is no data that transdermal therapies are of any benefit so

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By reducing the plaque formations associated with Peyronie’s disease is it possible to restore the elasticity of the penis or will the tissue remain in the non-elastic state due to the scarring?

Dr. Mulhall answers: Penile shortening and loss of stretch during erection are recognized as the biggest complaint of patients with Peyronie’s disease. By the time that most men present to a doctor for Peyronie’s disease they have generally noticed that their penis is shorter during erection and

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Please tell me what is the best treatment for Peyronie’s? Each Urologist in my country of Iran has a different idea about curing this disease. Will you please send me the best possible and easiest way of treatment?

There is no best treatment for Peyronie’s. Much of the treatments are based upon the degree and duration of the deformity, the presence of pain or calcification and one’s own erectile function. Unfortunately, there is no evidence of any truly effective oral therapy for Peyronie’s disease and

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