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Is it safe to take L-arginine and low dose daily Cialis (2.5 or 5mg) at the same time? How long do you recommend I taking L-arginine? Is the recommended dose of L-arginine 1000mg twice a day or is it 500mg twice a day?

With respect to the L-arginine, the recommended dosing has been 1000 mg twice per day, but this is not based on any type of well-controlled trial. There are no reports of taking Cialis with L-arginine causing low blood pressure, but this is a possible side effect.

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In November 2004, I noticed a small bending to the left of the penis. I am currently taking vitamin E 600 units daily and I rub hydrocortisone 2% on the penis every morning. Do you think that the bending will get worse or will it stop?

It may be that you have an early form of Peyronie’s disease, which is either spontaneously recovering which occurs in less than 10% of cases, or may be responding to the oral and topical medicines that you are using. Unfortunately, there is very little evidence that vitamin

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I have been diagnosed with PD by a urologist 3 months ago. I am 59. He has prescribed 800 IU of vitamin E daily & also Infam-away (a hi-potency enzyme formula) capsules 6 daily on a empty stomach. Nothing has helped after taking these medicines for 3 months. Erections are very painful and curvature has developed to the left. An indentation about 1 inch below the glans has also developed. He has basically told me that there is nothing else he can do. My primary care physician admits that this is a disease that not much is known as to the whys and what will work to help the pain and hopefully stop or reverse the curvature which at present is 30-40%. I was given a pain killer to help especially if erections get too painful. Are there any over-the-counter or on the internet medicines that may help?

There are no known over-the-counter products of benefit in Peyronie’s disease. Most urologists know little about this condition and are generally not completely up-to-date on treatments and we suggest that you seek out a Peyronie’s disease expert for evaluation and a discussion of treatments.

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