Vitamins/Herbal Supplements

There has been much discussion concerning the use of DMSO forums to treat PD, including a mixture of DMSO, apple cider vinegar and castor oil has been suggested. Can you share your opinion and possible recommendations for its use?

Dr. Levine answers: I have no experience with the use of DMSO, alone or in combination, as a form of therapy for Peyronie’s disease. I am also not familiar with any medical studies demonstrating any benefit from using DMSO, apple cider vinegar and/or castor oil for Peyronie’s

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I have been using transdermal verapamil 15% by for the last 5 months with no visible results. They told me that the cream would remodel the plaque into healthy tissue and while they couldn’t use the word cure they assured me their patented delivery system resulted in proper absorption of the medicine while other compounds were ineffective. They claimed this was one of the main reasons for so much misinformation about it. What do you make of their claims?

Dr. Mulhall answers: I am not familiar with the specific product you mention, however, here is what we know about transdermal therapy. There is not a single medical paper in the literature on the effectiveness of transdermal verapamil (go to PubMed ( to search for papers on

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I just went to a urologist and he told me to take 400 IU of vitamin E for at least 6 months. Does Peyronie’s disease prevent the penis from hanging lower during the flaccid state? My penis is very short during flaccid. And also if the vitamin E works will my penis stretch to its full potential?

Vitamin E is probably the oldest oral therapy used in the modern era for Peyronie’s disease. Unfortunately there are no well done controlled trials demonstrating any benefit, and in a small controlled trial performed in England, no benefit was noted with the use of vitamin E for

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