I am 23 years old and having treatment of Peyronie’s disease applying verapamil gel as prescribed by doctor since 4 months. I still masturbate almost twice a week. Will this make my condition worse?

First of all, there is no evidence whatsoever that topical verapamil gel penetrates down to the target tissue of the scar within the tunic of your penis. Even if it did, the question would be – does it attain a satisfactory level? Therefore, there is little support

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My penis is always bent to the left; it is almost a 35-degree curve, 1 inch from the base of the penis. Is it Peyronie’s or something else? Will I be able to have intercourse properly or is it a severe problem? Are you aware of any physician in Pakistan (Lahore), who is experienced with Peyronie’s disease?

Most men have some degree of curvature to their erection and typically a 30-degree or less curvature in any direction should not interfere with intercourse or cause you or your partner discomfort. If your penis always has been curved, this may be a congenital process. On the

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My penis has a curvature towards the right when erect. It has a deviation at the base, as well. There is no pain when erect or flaccid. I had sexual intercourse, but only a part of my penis got inserted. Is this a problem?

If the penis has always had a curvature, then it is likely this is a congenital abnormality known as chordee. If it is interfering with penetrative sex, then you should be seen by a urologist who is capable of surgically repairing this problem. If it is a

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