Signs And Symptoms

Along with the indentation, and the lump when I am flaccid, I also have trouble maintaining fuller erections, and I have noticed pain at times even when flaccid. Is it safe to try and maintain erections, masturbate and/or have sex?

Dr. Levine answers: Peyronie’s disease is manifest in the early phase with pain, which can be present in the flaccid state when touching the penis, or especially when erect or trying to have intercourse. Typically the pain will diminish with time. The pain and the deformity can

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When I take Viagra I notice that it gives me a full erection and improves my “weak” erection from my Peyronie’s disease. I only took it a couple of times and then heard not to take Viagra and stopped. It seems to help my erection and makes sex possible for me. Can Viagra make the disease worse or do damage?

Dr. Levine answers: This is an excellent question, as you point out some of the misconceptions for the use of Viagra or the other PDE5 inhibitors (i.e. Cialis and Levitra). All three of the companies who make these drugs have in their package insert a cautionary note

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