Implants And Graphs

As a spouse of a PD patient, what is the best way to approach the “inadequate” mental state my husband experiences — ignore, encourage, be candid, recommend medical treatment?

This is a very important question and I am delighted that you are concerned enough to address it in this website. Peyronie’s disease has been known for many years, but has recently been demonstrated in a proper trial to result in significant depression in the affected male.

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Are most patients who go through the Nesbit procedure or the grafting procedure better off after the surgery than before?

Dr. Levine answers: The question is clearly a good one and important to recognize that the indications for surgical correction depend upon several factors, and first and most importantly that the deformity of the penis interferes with sexual activity enough that it is difficult or impossible to

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Regarding penile implants, do you predict technology will modernize these? Such as enabling the implant to be the same size inflated, as once the original erection was, or maybe larger?

Penile implant technology has improved remarkably since the first inflatable devices of the early 1970s. The improvements were primarily to make the devices more reliable and less likely to mechanically fail. Various other modifications have been made to try to optimize the sizing of the prosthesis to

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