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Is PD progressive? Will I continue to lose length and girth? Is there any type of laser surgery to reduce calcified scar tissue?

PD is a progressive scarring disorder which does tend to stabilize anywhere from 6 months to 2 years after onset. During the progressive active phase, scar will develop and then will cause progressive contraction. This may result in the noted deformities including curvature, shortening and a variety

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I have had Peyronie’s for about 2 year now; I have tried verapamil cream, no change. My doctor is so negative regarding surgery. Before the disease when erect I was 8 inches, now I am about four and then a two inch bend at a 90- degree angle up and have also lost some circumference. I have no pain at all. I read an article about a new procedure where they sort of scrape the scar with a needle length wise.

It is not uncommon for physicians who do not see a lot of Peyronie’s disease patients and who do very little Peyronie’s disease surgery to have negative thoughts about this surgery. In the hands of an expert surgeon and after a comprehensive discussion giving the patient realistic

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