Do penis stretchers actually help with Peyronie’s disease?

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The use of a penile extender or stretching device appears to have a similar goal to that of a vacuum device. That is, to try to apply stretching forces to the penis to encourage remodeling of the scar tissue. It seems intuitive to me that if one could get straightening of teeth by applying chronic forces with braces, we might get this same type of benefit from applying prolonged stretching forces to the curved penis. The problem is how much force can be applied, how to apply it, and how to apply it without causing injury. A study of one of the penile extender devices is beginning in Chicago currently to examine the effects of stretching therapy alone on penile deformities associated with Peyronie’s disease. This is a 6-month study and therefore when the data becomes available it will certainly be posted on this website, likely by mid-2007. In the mean time, I would only recommend the use of an external penile stretching device when prescribed by a qualified physician after a full consultation and examination.

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