Does the Lue procedure in conjunction with plaque incision give good results?

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By the Lue procedure I presume you mean the 16-dot plication technique. This is an excellent procedure for men with low degrees of uniplanar curvature without indentations or hour-glass deformity. It is of course associated with penile shortening as we are shortening the long side of the penis with this operation. Plaque incision and grafting is an excellent procedure for younger men, with multiplanar curvature or those with severe degrees of curvature who would experience too much length loss with a plication procedure. It has as a complication the development of worsening of erectile problems. In some cases, plaque incision and grafting may not correct the curvature completely and a plication procedure needs to be done in combination. This of course will possibly result in both complications, shortening and erectile dysfunction. Where possible I avoid combination procedures for this reason.

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