How much would be the loss of length after the surgery?

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Loss of length depends upon the direction of curvature and the degree of curvature particularly in performing a plication operation such as the Nesbit procedure. In this operation, the loss of length has been reported to range from 0-5 cm. In a published report from January 2006 in the Journal of Urology, Greenfield et al reported their experience in men with Peyronie’s and congenital curvature where there was very little loss of length if the curvature was lateral or upward whereas if it was downward and exceeded 60 degrees, length loss could be 2.5 to 5 cm. The risk of not undergoing the plication operation for the man who has relatively mild to moderate curvature, is that there is an increased risk of erectile dysfunction when performing a grafting procedure. The grafting procedure should be reserved primarily for those men with severe curvature and excellent rigidity.

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