I am 23 years old, and I think I have Peyronie’s. I have a significant bend and three inflamed soft scars on the right on the side of my shaft. The bend is about 45 degrees to the left and very apparent upon erection. However, I do not have any pain when I get an erection and the lumps are soft, not hard. I have been pretty stable with the condition for three years, but I am trying to find an alternative way to treat this. I have taken Potaba with no success. I am currently on vitamin E and I am noticing no difference. I read up on the serrapetase, nattokinase and bromelain for dissolving scar tissue. Is there anything I can do to help this condition?

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There have been 2 reports on young men with Peyronie’s. These studies evaluated a large series of men and found that up to ten percent of those with Peyronie’s disease are under the age of 40. Therefore, this process can present in men anytime from his teens to his 80s. The good news is that young men with Peyronie’s tend to have good functional erections, in terms of rigidity and tend to respond well to medical therapy. Should they undergo surgery, they also tend to preserve their erections in the great majority of cases. Your bend of 45 degrees to the left is not severe but lateral curvatures tend to be more troublesome than upward (dorsal) curvatures. In fact, no treatment is necessary should the curvature not be causing you or your partner discomfort, but most men are uncomfortable seeing a curved penis and would like to have something done.

As you have come to discover there is no known nonsurgical cure for Peyronie’s disease particularly when the scar is stable. I have had virtually no success with any of the oral treatments and the topical remedies, potions, and cocktails that have been suggested on the internet, have not been studied adequately to encourage my recommendation. In time there will be clinical trials of collagenase which may make sense in your circumstance. Certainly injection therapy with verapamil or interferon is an option and there are ongoing studies with external penile stretching devices including the vacuum tube or the Fastsize penile extender. There are no outcome reports on these devices to share at this time. The oral treatments which I am currently using include pentoxifylline, which is a generic drug, but must be prescribed by a physician, and L-arginine, which is an over-the-counter amino acid. Both these agents theoretically reduce scar formation, but there is no published evidence in the scientific literature to support this. Lastly, although you were reluctant to proceed with surgery, it remains the most reliable and rapid way to correct deformity. With your degree of curvature, it is likely that a plication operation without removing the plaque, would be the least likely to cause compromise to your erection and has a very high rate of success with straightening. As always, consultation with an authority on Peyronie’s disease would be most beneficial.

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