I am 25 years old, I have noticed my flaccid bend and have noticed hard plaques mainly on sides but sometimes the whole shaft seems hard when flaccid, my penis had gone a yellow color and I am finding it very difficult to get erections. When I do they are not rigid, my flaccid keeps going really small and thin then it is largely like rubber. My whole penis feels like rubber even when erect, I seem to be losing size will I get it back considering I am only 25.

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This does not seem like a Peyronie’s problem, as Peyronie’s does not result in change in penile color or in a shape change in the flaccid condition. The condition you described sounds like what is sometimes called a “hard soft-on”, where excessive vascular tone causes constriction of blood vessels within the penis, making it seem firm and rubbery but without any true rigidity. This is oftentimes due to excessive nerve tone coming from the brain causing the blood vessels to contract, and may be induced by stress, anxiety, or may be intrinsic to the individual. Treatments to address this include taking daily doses of Cialis-like medications to enhance vascular relaxation and occasionally sex therapy is necessary to try to identify the triggers which activate the constricting process. On the other hand, Peyronie’s disease is a scarring process involving the tunic which restricts expansion of the tunic and not the underlying blood vessels, and when erect, the deformity occurs, but not in the flaccid condition. In the flaccid condition, there can be a palpable scar in the jacket tissue (tunic) around the vascular tissue. The bottom line is that assessment by a urologist who specializes in sexual medicine would be best for you.

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