I am 25 years old, i have noticed my flaccid bend and have noticed hard plaques mainly on sides but sometimes the whole shaft seems hard when flaccid, my penis had gone a yellow colour and i am finding it very difficult to get erections when i do they are not ridgid, my flaccid keeps going really small an thin then it is large like rubber. My whole penis feels like rubber even when erect, i seem to be losing size will i get it back considering i am only 25

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What you seem to be describing is unlikely Peyronie’s disease, but may be more of an excessive vasoconstrictor nerve tone which is causing the vascular tissue within the erectile bodies to contract. As a result, the penis feels somewhat rubbery, making it appear shorter and narrower and what some have referred to “a hard soft-on”. This is usually due to “excessive nerve tone” associated with stress, anxiety, or possibly just intrinsic changes to the nervous system. Treatments for this have included massage and stretch therapy as well as a 2-3 month course of daily Tadalafil 2.5-5mg at bed time, which would need to be prescribed by a physician. In addition, for men who really have difficulty relaxing this tissue, evaluation and treatment by a sex therapist may be beneficial as well.

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