I am a 45 year old man. I have had Peyronie’s disease for about a year and a half. It bothers me more than I can express. The glans is smaller now and it is embarrassing in daylight. I know it must sound trivial, given the true horrors in the world, but making love is one of the things I was really good at. Can you help me?

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It does appear that you now likely have stable Peyronie’s disease, and at this point, evaluation by a Peyronie’s expert would be in order. During this evaluation, complete evaluation would be necessary, as well as inducing an erection in the office, so as to visualize the deformity. Ultrasound may also be useful to evaluate penile vascular flow and to determine whether the plaque has bone within it. Depending upon the deformity, its severity and your erectile capacity, you may be a candidate either for nonsurgical treatment with oral medication, intralesional injections and possible traction therapy versus the most reliable way to fix Peyronie’s disease with surgery. Clearly the most important thing is to get proper evaluation by a Peyronie’s expert so that you can understand all your options.

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