I am a medical student and I’m interested in finding more about Peyronie’s disease. Is it possible to develop PD after transurethral resection of the prostate?

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It is extremely unlikely that TURP is associated with PD. Given the number of TURPs that have been performed at least historically, we should have seen a signal of a link. Furthermore, in my patients who link the two together than man has a dorsal plaque which in no way could be related to the surgery per-urethram.

Previous I am a 19 year old man. I have not had sex yet but I notice a bend of 25 degrees towards the left and 30 degrees upwards when fully erect. There are no scars or lumps detected. Can PD affect younger men? Are these bends permanent?
Next I have been diagnosed with Peyronie’s for 5 years. During this whole time, I have experience continual pain that diminishes with steroids or Torodal. This pain disrupts my normal life. Have you any comments or suggestions to help the pain to subside and is this much pain associated with PD?
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