I appear to have an unusual form of PD. I was diagnosed by my Urologist as having PD at the base of the penis near the scrotum. I do not have deformity or bend, but I do have a soft end to the penis. Why is this occurring?

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Dr. Levine answers: Peyronie’s disease is frequently associated with erectile dysfunction. Most of the time it will be a generalized reduction in rigidity, but sometimes it can be associated with what is known as “distal softening.” This can involve the area beyond scar or just the glans. The mechanism is not clearly understood, but there is increasing evidence to suggest that there may be actual infiltration of scar tissue into the vascular tissue of the penis, which prevents filling in that area resulting in the distal softening. Further investigation in this field is ongoing. If your erections are suboptimal, use of a PDE-5 inhibitor would be in order.

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