I do not know if I should see an urologist. I have erection problems. I still get nighttime and morning erections. However, I have trouble during intercourse. My erection points straight down. If I pull it to stand up, there is tension.

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This sounds like a chordee and if indeed it is a new downward curvature, there may also be a component of Peyronie’s. Usually, this type of deformity requires surgical correction although there have been some recent reports of success with downward curvature using external traction therapy with the FastSize penile extender. This type of nonsurgical treatment would be indicated as an effort to correct deformity without surgery if you have good quality erections, but if the erections are compromised in terms of their rigidity, then surgery with placement of prosthesis may be necessary. Clearly, the most important thing for you is to have a proper consultation and likely an evaluation of your erection in the office, possibly in concert with a penile duplex ultrasound so that the penile blood flow could be assessed, and to rule out the presence of calcification in your plaque.

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