I had surgery for Peyronies disease in April of 2012. I have an allergy to iodine but the incompetent post-op nurse put iodine all over my penis to insert a catheter. This caused massive quarter-sized blisters all over the head of my penis that spread into the sutures. I keep having electrical shooting pains through my penis frequently. The surgical doctor said I have nerve damage from the allergic reaction. The hospital is arguing this point saying this is not possible. Any thoughts?

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It is unfortunate that you had a Betadine reaction, this is extremely unusual but having had topical blisters can be quite painful in the area of the glans; typically, this will heal and not leave any long term problems. If indeed there is some question of permanent nerve injury, an evaluation by a neurologist would be in order, particularly if you are considering any type of legal action, it is the opinion of this reviewer that it is unlikely that a permanent injury would occur as a result of the allergic reaction and blisters.

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