I have a slight curvature upward, a slight indentation in the middle of my shaft, and a small hard spot at the base. The hard spot and the pain started in the middle of the shaft, but have moved progressively to the base. Is this common?

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Dr. Levine answers: This may be a very mild form of Peyronie’s disease and is quite common for the plaque or nodular scar to seem as though it is moving. Basically this is part of the abnormal scarring process that occurs within the jacket tissues of the penis. The good news is that your deformity is “slight.” You should be careful to avoid sexual activity which will put extraordinary stress forces on the penis; this may activate the disease further.

Previous I had surgery (temporalis fascia graft) last summer. My penis is approx 3 inches in length. Before Peyronie’s it was 7 inches. I still have the curve and use the Fastrack traction and soma pump. Using both has improved the use of the traction device because it enlarges the gland tor the device to hold onto the penis. However, after a month of using it about 2 hours a day, I have noticed that the plague seems softer but my penis still has a bend and continues to be short. Will this improve with consistent use?
Next I have an extreme case of PD, upward and back. I have used treatments ranging from Potaba to verapamil alone or with DMSO topically. Any advice you can give for this extreme case of PD and any other steps to consider?
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