I have an aggressive case of PD and I am an avid bodybuilder and weight lifter. Will penile traction therapy work for me? I do not want to take any oral medications. What traction system holds the most promise?

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This is a good question as it pertains to recent research. A pilot study was completed in Chicago examining the effects of penile traction therapy with the FastSize penile extender (FastSize.com). This study which required men to use the device for a minimum of 2-8 hours per day for six months, showed that in all of these men there was measured improvement of curvature from 10-45 degrees, enhanced length from 0.5-2 cm, and all of those men who had some indentation, hourglass deformity or hinge effect had improvement or complete resolution of that deformity. This is very exciting information from a small study and should warrant further investigation with larger scale trials. What is also important about this study is that there were no adverse events including no skin lesions, ulcerations, change in sensation, erectile dysfunction or worsening of Peyronie’s disease. In the meantime I have initiated the use of the FastSize penile extender as treatment for Peyronie’s disease in my patients, typically in concert with oral treatment using Pentoxifylline and L-arginine and intralesional verapamil injections. There are other devices currently on the market, primarily in Europe, with which there have been some initial studies showing benefit, in particular following surgery for Peyronie’s disease to prevent shortening.

Previous I have a slight bend to the right and upward about 25 degrees and there is no pain. I cannot feel anything unusual along the shaft. My urologist has recommended transdermal verapamil. Can you comment on any recent information for this treatment?
Next I have been considering ESWT treatment for Peyronie’s disease but I would like to know about the percentage of successful treatment. I don’t have a lot of pain with the erection but I have the curvature? I also take Viagra because of inadequate blood flow. Does the ESWT increase blood flow or does it just correct the curvature?
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