I have an extreme case of PD, upward and back. I have used treatments ranging from Potaba to verapamil alone or with DMSO topically. Any advice you can give for this extreme case of PD and any other steps to consider?

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Dr. Levine answers: If you have severe PD which is compromising your sexual function and you have not responded to these topical or oral therapies, I would suggest that you speak to an authority in the treatment to Peyronie’s disease. There is a list of suggested physicians who have some expertise in PD on this website. You should be aware that none of the oral or topical therapies have shown any significant benefit in clinical trials. Additional options you could consider include intralesional injections of verapamil or interferon, use of a penile external stretching device (FastSize), and of course the gold standard for correction of severe deformity is surgery.

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