I have been diagnosed with early stage PD (no noticeable curvature). I have been taking Potaba, acetyl-l carnitine and vitamin E for about a month with some moderate improvement in pain. I recently saw a specialist in PD who said I should be taking a combination of Trental, L-arginine and Viagra. Have you heard that the latter combination is effective? I am very concerned about taking Viagra on a daily basis and have not had any ED problems.

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Firstly, how we should be treating men in your stage of the condition is unknown. Any advice you receive from a PD expert is based on personal opinion and not on real evidence. There is experimental evidence that pentoxifylline and Viagra may do “good things” to PD cells in a petri dish. However, at this time there is no evidence from human studies. There is human data on carnitine but no convincing evidence that alone or in combination it is of any significant benefit. Saying that all three agents are safe and likely you will experience no significant side effects. Viagra especially is totally safe for daily use.

Previous I have been considering ESWT treatment for Peyronie’s disease but I would like to know about the percentage of successful treatment. I don’t have a lot of pain with the erection but I have the curvature? I also take Viagra because of inadequate blood flow. Does the ESWT increase blood flow or does it just correct the curvature?
Next I have been diagnosed with PD by a urologist 3 months ago. I am 59. He has prescribed 800 IU of vitamin E daily & also Infam-away (a hi-potency enzyme formula) capsules 6 daily on a empty stomach. Nothing has helped after taking these medicines for 3 months. Erections are very painful and curvature has developed to the left. An indentation about 1 inch below the glans has also developed. He has basically told me that there is nothing else he can do. My primary care physician admits that this is a disease that not much is known as to the whys and what will work to help the pain and hopefully stop or reverse the curvature which at present is 30-40%. I was given a pain killer to help especially if erections get too painful. Are there any over-the-counter or on the internet medicines that may help?
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