I have been diagnosed with PD for over a year. I am interested in getting the surgical procedure that removes the plaque and replaces it with a graft made from pig intestine. Can this procedure preserve length and girth? What is your opinion of this procedure?

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Most authorities no longer remove the entire plaque but rather incise (cut) and then place a graft in the gap left behind. Two of the most commonly used grafts today are cadaveric pericardium (Tutoplast) and intestinal submucosa (Surgisis). There is no evidence to show that one is better than the other. In the hands of an experienced surgeon, both result in excellent straightening of the penis and in the vast majority of cases preservation of penile length. While some men report improved length, my measurements after surgery have not shown any major improvement in length. Recently we have started using penile extenders after plaque incision and grafting. The biggest problem with this procedure is that you have to be prepared for a 25% chance of reduced erection hardness after surgery.

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