I have been diagnosed with Peyronie’s for 5 years. During this whole time, I have experience continual pain that diminishes with steroids or Torodal. This pain disrupts my normal life. Have you any comments or suggestions to help the pain to subside and is this much pain associated with PD?

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Peyronie’s disease is a disorder of wound healing which often times will present with pain because of inflammation associated with the initial scarring process. The inflammation irritates the pain fibers which are typically activated when the penis becomes erect causing stretching of these nerve fibers. When the pain is present, it usually will resolve within weeks to months, although I have seen patients who have persistent pain up to 1-2 years. Persistent pain for 2-5 years as noted in these questions may suggest that the pain is due to a torque-effect. This means that when the penis becomes fully erect it puts a great deal of pressure on the scar resulting in a discomfort which is different than the inflammatory pain associated with acute or new onset Peyronie’s disease. For men who have persistent pain, I advise the use of anti-inflammatories such as ibuprofen or Meloxicam, a prescription drug. Pain may also be treatable with intralesional injections of verapamil or interferon. Over the counter remedies have not been shown to be beneficial for Peyronie’s disease at any stage. For the man who has persistent problems associated with Peyronie’s disease, it makes good sense to see a recognized expert in this field to address any other potential causes to the pain.

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