I have been experiencing Peyronie’s disease for the last 6 months or so. Currently, the bend is about 30 degrees. The scar is on the right of upper part of penis, leading to curvature towards right side. Continuous pain is associated even when it is flaccid. When erected, it remains the same and becomes more precise at the point of scar. When once in a blue moon the pain is not present, I feel sexual desire. Otherwise it is not that much intense. Moreover it has been superimposed by severe depression. Would you suggest something to get around it? Especially pain associated with it as it has made my life miserable.

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Dr. Mulhall answers: In a recent study conducted by Dr. John Mulhall, more than 50% of men with Peyronie’s disease had moderate to severe depression. This is supported by information collected in the APDA poll. Thus, your feelings are not uncommon. We recommend that you see a mental health professional to discuss these feelings. The good news is pain invariably goes away but may take a year to resolve. For men with severe pain, considering intralesional injection therapy in the hands of an experienced urologist may lead to more rapid improvement of the pain. vitamin E has never been shown to be of any significant benefit although most urologists prescribe it.

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