I have been riding a bicycle for 60+ years, and continue to ride daily. I often have penile numbness after a period of time in the saddle. Could this be a cause of PD, and cause further exacerbation of my PD? Do you have any recommendations on bicycle saddles, or bicycle types, that would hep reduce penile numbness/trauma? Thank you.

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Sitting in the straddle position with pressure on the perineum can cause penile, scrotal, and urethral numbness; there is no evidence at this time that this causes Peyronie’s disease or would exacerbate underlying Peyronie’s disease. It is simply due to a pressure on blood vessels and nerves in that area. Utilizing a bicycle seat which has a perineal cut-out which allows more direct pressure on the pelvic “sit bones” would move the pressures off the central area and likely result in less numbness, but I would not be concerned about this numbness causing Peyronie’s.

Previous I have been diagnosed with Peyronie’s for 5 years. During this whole time, I have experience continual pain that diminishes with steroids or Torodal. This pain disrupts my normal life. Have you any comments or suggestions to help the pain to subside and is this much pain associated with PD?
Next I have had a penile curvature for 2 years that also has great pain. Is it a normal side effect of PD to have pain this long or is there another cause to consider?
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