I have been riding a bicycle for 60+ years, and continue to ride daily. I often have penile numbness after a period of time in the saddle. Could this be a cause of PD, and cause further exacerbation of my PD? Do you have any recommendations on bicycle saddles, or bicycle types, that would hep reduce penile numbness/trauma? Thank you.

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Sitting in the straddle position with pressure on the perineum can cause penile, scrotal, and urethral numbness; there is no evidence at this time that this causes Peyronie’s disease or would exacerbate underlying Peyronie’s disease. It is simply due to a pressure on blood vessels and nerves in that area. Utilizing a bicycle seat which has a perineal cut-out which allows more direct pressure on the pelvic “sit bones” would move the pressures off the central area and likely result in less numbness, but I would not be concerned about this numbness causing Peyronie’s.

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