I have detected hard rings on my penis which are felt only during an erection. Peyronie’s disease has not been diagnosed. Can I stop any further deterioration since finding this early? What signs should I look for if this is indeed PD?

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What you describe may be a variant of Peyronie’s disease, but to make the diagnosis the penis is typically evaluated in the flaccid condition, the glans is pulled out to stretch the penis and then the shaft can be palpated to identify the fibrotic scar tissue known as plaque. If there is no palpable plaque and yet there is deformity, this may be congenital, or it may be that Peyronie’s disease is in the very early phase and has not yet manifested itself with a palpable plaque. I have recently seen a young man who described similar findings, where I could not identify Peyronie’s disease, but he described changes in the penis in the flaccid condition only, but no deformity when erect. I have recommended the use of L-arginine and pentoxifylline. The latter must be prescribed by a physician as early treatment for fibrotic/scarring disorders. This treatment is relatively inexpensive, non-toxic, and may be beneficial. Certainly, should you find a deformity of the penis with a palpable plaque, then further, more aggressive treatment may be indicated.

Previous I have been experiencing Peyronie’s disease for the last 6 months or so. Currently, the bend is about 30 degrees. The scar is on the right of upper part of penis, leading to curvature towards right side. Continuous pain is associated even when it is flaccid. When erected, it remains the same and becomes more precise at the point of scar. When once in a blue moon the pain is not present, I feel sexual desire. Otherwise it is not that much intense. Moreover it has been superimposed by severe depression. Would you suggest something to get around it? Especially pain associated with it as it has made my life miserable.
Next I have had PD for 10 months, with onset of curvature for 1 month and painful erections for 2 months. The curvature is 45 degrees dorsally and only at the end of the penis. The erections are strong, except for the distal third which is somewhat compromised. I am wondering whether my progression time line is faster than what I have read. I am 55 and I am worried that my condition will get worse or will it stabilize as it currently exists.
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