I have had PD for 10 months, with onset of curvature for 1 month and painful erections for 2 months. The curvature is 45 degrees dorsally and only at the end of the penis. The erections are strong, except for the distal third which is somewhat compromised. I am wondering whether my progression time line is faster than what I have read. I am 55 and I am worried that my condition will get worse or will it stabilize as it currently exists.

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Dr. Levine answers: The presentation of Peyronie’s disease is variable from patient to patient; some patients notice a very rapid onset and progression, while others have a gradual onset. For most, the deformity will stabilize within 6-12 months, but repeated injury could prolong this process. If the deformity is severe enough and the deformity has been stable for at least 6 months, surgery may be considered. Prior to stabilization, use of nonsurgical treatments have been recommended to accelerate the stabilization process as well as stop progression. There may also be some reduction in deformity and improvement of overall sexual function. I would advise you to discuss this with your local Peyronie’s disease expert.

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Next I have had Peyronie’s disease for 7 years and have recently noticed my penis shrinking in the flaccid state and becoming hard all over. When I get an erection my penis is bent 45 degrees to the right and when semi-erect it won’t get fully hard. Is the scar preventing the corpus cavernosum from expanding or is the corpus cavernosum actually turning into fibrous tissue as well? What is the cause of this shrinkage effect?
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