I have had Peyronie’s disease for 1 year and 10 months and just went through Intron A injections every 2 weeks for 3 months. I have not seen any change. The Peyronie’s specialist wants to do a second wave of injections. If this did not work at all, do you think it is wise to go through a second injection battery?

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In my opinion when a man goes through an injection therapy with verapamil or Intron A, and there is no visible benefit of the erect deformity of the penis following a course of 6 injections, then further injection is unlikely to result in any substantial benefit. Recently it has been reported that increasing the dose of verapamil from 10-20 mg may further enhance the results and in my experience, patients who are inclined to continue on injection therapy in lieu of undergoing surgery are offer a higher dose of verapamil. I am not sure whether the experts using interferon are pushing the dose beyond 5 million units at each injection. Alternatives to stopping injection ultimately are surgical or no treatment.

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