I have had Peyronie’s for about 2 year now; I have tried verapamil cream, no change. My doctor is so negative regarding surgery. Before the disease when erect I was 8 inches, now I am about four and then a two inch bend at a 90- degree angle up and have also lost some circumference. I have no pain at all. I read an article about a new procedure where they sort of scrape the scar with a needle length wise.

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It is not uncommon for physicians who do not see a lot of Peyronie’s disease patients and who do very little Peyronie’s disease surgery to have negative thoughts about this surgery. In the hands of an expert surgeon and after a comprehensive discussion giving the patient realistic expectations, many men proceed with such surgery and have a safe and successful outcome. The new procedure that you are probably referring to has been performed by Dr. Gerald Brock in Canada. In this procedure, an incision is made in the tunica and the plaque is incised from the inside. There is no long-term data on the safety and effectiveness of this procedure. At this time, most authorities would consider this procedure investigational.

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