I have heard a lot about Peyronie’s disease, but nowhere did it mention if this is a temporary or permanent condition. Is it possible for the body to dissolve the tissue that causes the curvature?

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Dr. Levine answers: Peyronie’s disease is a disorder of wound healing with unclear cause. Typically when it occurs, it will be associated with a lump, occasionally pain and deformity. Natural history studies have suggested that about 50% of men who come to see a physician will worsen with time, 40% will the stay the same and 10% will have spontaneous resolution of the deformity. If the deformity completely resolves with disappearance of the plaque scar tissue, it is unlikely that this was Peyronie’s disease and probably just a slow healing wound within the penis.

Previous I have had PD for 10 months, with onset of curvature for 1 month and painful erections for 2 months. The curvature is 45 degrees dorsally and only at the end of the penis. The erections are strong, except for the distal third which is somewhat compromised. I am wondering whether my progression time line is faster than what I have read. I am 55 and I am worried that my condition will get worse or will it stabilize as it currently exists.
Next I have PD and fortunately do not have difficulty with erection. I have heard about taking erectile dysfunction drugs like Viagra to promote “penile health.” Does this help?
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