I have heard that vitamin E is the only known treatment. Is that correct? If so, can it be taken by injection for more effectiveness? Is there stem cell research going on for Peyronie’s disease, and is it possible to get involved with it?

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Vitamin E is one of the first oral agents used for the treatment of PD. However, there is no convincing evidence that alone or in combination with other agents it is of any significant benefit. Its use advocated by generations of urologists without any real understanding of the medical literature. Recently, in older men and men with heart disease, vitamin E has been shown to worsened cardiac health. It is likely that vitamin E is a placebo and has not real benefit.

Stem cell research is a hot topic at the moment and it is only a matter of time before it will be used for PD. There are no studies ongoing at this time.

Previous I have been diagnosed with early stage PD (no noticeable curvature). I have been taking Potaba, acetyl-l carnitine and vitamin E for about a month with some moderate improvement in pain. I recently saw a specialist in PD who said I should be taking a combination of Trental, L-arginine and Viagra. Have you heard that the latter combination is effective? I am very concerned about taking Viagra on a daily basis and have not had any ED problems.
Next In one of your answers you say the following: “Indeed, if treatment is started early it may prevent progression of the condition and may result in less length loss.” So taking a typical case of a lump in the middle causing an upward bend in the penis, what exactly would you use as “treatment” that is recommended early on and what is early?
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