I have just recently had an ultrasound scan and was told I have 7 plaques I have been told I have Peyronie’s is this common to have 7 lumps as I don’t know what to expect

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Peyronie’s is a scarring disorder of the tunica albuginea, which is the fibrous jacket tissue around the vascular tissue of the penis. The scar tissue can be distributed in a variety of ways, but typically, is either a nodule, cord-like, or can course throughout the shaft of the penis. Having 7 separate lumps is unusual, and if it is only something that is seen in the ultrasound, it may be an over-read. Certainly, the most important aspect is what is palpated during a physical exam with the flaccid penis on stretch, and most importantly, what is noted in terms of deformity when the penis is erect. If there is limited deformity which does not interfere with your sexual function, and causes you and your partner no pain, then I can assure you that nothing needs to be done at this time.

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