I have Peyronie’s disease and recently have gone through implant surgery. However, the length and girth of my penis was significantly decreased and my wife no longer gains any feeling/satisfaction because of the reduction in girth. Is there anything that can be done to increase the girth such as penile widening by injecting my own fat cells into the penis?

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Dr. Mulhall answers: PD causes shortening and sometimes narrowing of the penis because of the scar contraction that is associated with PD. The placement of many of the inflatable implants results in widening of the girth but no increase in length. Patients in my practice with PD usually are implanted with the TITAN device from Coloplast, which is associated with an excellent girth profile after inflation. Placement of a malleable (semi-rigid, non-inflatable) device is not associated with any girth increase. Penile girth enhancement using fat tissue has stopped being used by rational and scrupulous surgeons as it does not work. Penile widening may be accomplished using subcutaneous placement of strips of tissue or grafts but as far as I know there is no published data on how many men find the results satisfactory (but you will get many surgeons who do this saying that it is a great approach!). The core credo in my practice in men with PD is giving them realistic expectations and you would need to go into any such surgery with your eyes wide open.

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