I have seen literature describing the use of penis traction devices, such as the Pro-Extender, to treat Peyronie’s. Unlike vacuum devices, these traction devices are used for 8-12 hours a day. What is your opinion on this approach?

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Please see the answer to the question above specifically regarding the use of traction devices. They have been reported to be left on the penis for as long as 8-12 hours which may be appealing as there is a longer duration of stretching forces. The concern is as to whether this can possibly injure the penis. One must also be cautious about a compression injury to the underlying tissue caused by chronic pressure. Therefore, until proper studies are done, I would recommend great caution in using any type of long term stretching tool on the penis for fear of causing injury. The good news is that there is interest amongst investigators to evaluate the potential benefits and safety of stretching devices and vacuum devices.

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