I recently developed some curving in my penis. The penis is slightly curved even when not erect or aroused. Also there is some difficulty in urination. How likely is it that this is PD? Also should I completely stop masturbation?

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A curvature of the penis, which is associated with erection, is what defines Peyronie’s disease; any slight deformity of the penis in the flaccid condition could be due to any number of things and is not an indication of Peyronie’s disease. Peyronie’s disease also does not tend to affect urination, as it does not involve the urethra. If your form of masturbation is causing any trauma to the penis, as a result of it being vigorous or causing excessive bending, then I would recommend that you adjust the way you masturbate. Stopping altogether should not be necessary unless it is causing you pain as well.

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