I recently had surgery for a congenitally curved penis. The surgery was called a “penile plication.” I have no feeling in the last inch of the shaft and the head. Is this normal, and will the feeling return when I am further healed?

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Penile plication is the preferred surgical approach for straightening the penis, for congenital curvature. The sensory nerves supplying the shaft and the head of the penis run on the top or dorsal surface of the penis. Therefore, if you had a downward curve, it is likely those nerves had to be mobilized. Typically when nerves are moved or slightly damaged, there will be a period of numbness which will fill in over time. Nerves heal very slowly and therefore, it may take 3-12 months to recover complete sensation. If the nerves were completely damaged, then the likelihood of complete recovery of nerve sensation is reduced, but still can fill in to provide satisfactory sexual sensation due to ingrowth of nerves from other areas.

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