I suffered a penile injury six years ago and was diagnosed with Peyronie’s but since then have been told that I am healed. I continue to see a deformity on and off. Is this permanent or will this too eventually go away.

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It may be that you never did have Peyronie’s disease, as most men who develop true Peyronie’s disease develop a scar which does not completely resolve spontaneously. Other processes which might result in more complete resolution may be a “slow healing wound” which ultimately resolves. Deformity of the penis associated with Peyronie’s is not a come and go kind of problem. Typically, as a result of the scarring, it prevents expansion of the involved tissue, resulting in the deformity, which would be seen consistently with erection. Therefore, if it is a problem which is intermittent, this may reflect either variability in the quality of your erection or a non-Peyronie’s type problem.

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