I suffered a penile injury six years ago and was diagnosed with peyronies but since then have been told that I am healed. I continue to see a deformity on and off. Is this permanent or will this too eventually go away.

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Peyronie’s disease does not typically result in an intermittent deformity. It is due to a scar within the jacket tissue (tunica albuginea) around the vascular tissue of the penis. If the scar is persistent, this would suggest Peyronie’s disease, and in the area of the scar, there is diminished elasticity resulting in the noted deformity. The variation that you may be noticing may be due to the variability in the rigidity of the penis; the more rigid you get, the more apt you are to see the deformity, which may worsen with greater rigidity. If the deformity is not interfering with sexual function, then no further treatment is necessary, and importantly, over the long term, 3-5 years, often times, mild Peyronie’s plaques, simply resolve.

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