I was diagnosed in 2000 with PD. My original doctor suggested I let time pass and see what happens. Luckily, I listened to others and went to a specialist. I was treated with medicine for a year and the pain eventually went away. About 3 weeks ago, I began noticing a burning pain, but it had come from time to time as I healed, but I have no other problems. My question is, can the pain that I am feeling now be the result of some remaining scar tissue loosening, or am I headed for another bout of PD?

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Men have reported an early episode of Peyronie’s disease which resolves only to be followed anywhere from months to years later by a full blown expression of PD. Clearly further evaluation will be necessary with examination and possibly ultrasound. Should you not have any significant deformity and only the pain, it might be advisable to simply take anti-inflammatories to encourage reduction of the discomfort and to decrease the inflammation as well.

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