I was taking a daily dose of 1000mg of vitamin C for years. Do you think this may have contributed to my Peyronie’s disease?

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There is no evidence that taking vitamin C would contribute to developing Peyronie’s disease. In fact, there is really no evidence that any oral agents, supplements, or drugs are known to cause Peyronie’s disease.

Previous I just went to a urologist and he told me to take 400 IU of vitamin E for at least 6 months. Does Peyronie’s disease prevent the penis from hanging lower during the flaccid state? My penis is very short during flaccid. And also if the vitamin E works will my penis stretch to its full potential?
Next I’m a 57 year old physician with an inflammatory plaque in my mid shaft of the penis but no curvature yet. I’ve been using Caverject for about 5 years with no side effects and had some penile trauma about 2 months ago. I’m currently taking vitamin E daily and ibuprofen without any results yet. Would a trial of ultrasound therapy be worth considering?
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