If using the suggested modalities of treatment for Peyronie’s disease, Would it help or hinder a person who is taking Coumadin for heart valve replacement?

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Virtually all of the current modalities for treatment of Peyronie’s disease can be offered to patients who are on anticoagulant therapy including Coumadin. The primary precaution to using a type of invasive therapy such as intralesional injections is bruising. To reduce bruising, compression of the injection site should be maintained for at least 10 minutes. In addition for patients who are considering the use of vacuum therapy, either alone or in concert with intralesional injection, then one must be very careful to not initiate vacuum therapy for at least 48 hours after an injection and to limit the pressure so that they do not develop any significant subcutaneous bleeding. Should bruising occur, manual pressure can be applied directly over the area of black and blue and then with subsequent use of the vacuum device, a lower vacuum pressure should be used.

Previous I’ve recently completed iontophoresis with 25 treatments every other day. The verapamil dosage was 20 mg/ml, using a positive charge with IOMED delivery pads. I used the verapamil only and did not include the decadron as many pharmacists, and my doctor said you can’t drive 2 drugs in with different charges (positive and negative). I saw absolutely no change in my condition, although I have lost size, and my penis seems to be hard when flaccid. Is there any advice you could give me now? I am going to try a decadron only sequence next as they said this works better on long standing scars and mine is 9 years old.
Next In addition to verapamil, colchicine has also been shown to affect the ability of fibroblasts to make collagen. Have studies ever been done to determine whether or not local colchicine delivered via intralesional injection would have results similar, or better, than that of verapamil? Presumably this could deliver the drug to the site of the plaque, but without the systemic ill effects secondary to ingestion of oral colchicine.
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