I’m 21 and I’m going to have surgery of penile plication. How often does the patient have pain after this procedure? How long does the pain stay? Is the scar very uncomfortable? How much time to recuperate from this surgery?

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Penile plication is the simplest of the three surgical approaches for Peyronie’s disease and is best used for deformities of less than 60 degrees and when there is not a significant indentation causing a hinge or buckling effect. Plication does have the lowest risk of postoperative erectile dysfunction, but with any surgery on the penis, there can be postoperative pain, which tends to be temporary. When nighttime erections begin early in the postoperative period, these may be painful. They do not need to be suppressed. At two weeks, massage and stretch therapy is indicated for the following four weeks (5 minutes local massage and stretch twice daily for 4 weeks), and at six weeks, sexual activity may resume if the erections are satisfactory and there is good healing of the wound.

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