I’m 65, have had minor PD symptoms in the way of excessive swelling during erection & slight pain and slight curvature of the tip of the penis beginning about 6 months ago with no injury as the cause. My urologist detected a slight mass at the base of my penis on the top side. I have a history of keloid scarring from two surgeries and successfully reduced scarring to minimum by repetitive, aggressive massaging of the scars. Might this work with PD?

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Keloid scarring is not at all the same problem as what occurs with Peyronie’s disease. Men with Peyronie’s disease rarely have keloids and vice versa. Therefore, although it may feel better and may result in some benefit, there is no clear evidence that massage is beneficial for preventing progression of Peyronie’s disease. Should you notice that there is progression of your deformity or worsening of pain, then more definitive evaluation and treatment is in order, and can be obtained by consultation with an expert in PD.

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