Iontophoresis treatment: Do you know of any other companies besides Physion that are offering this modality? I found numerous companies that make portable devices similar to Physion. Is their protocol machine different or is the iontophoresis basically the same?

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The Physion device is unique in that it provides a reservoir, which is attached and sited directly over the Peyronie’s plaque. This is why it is not a particularly good device or approach for patients with downward or ventral curvature as it is difficult to get exposure to the underlying plaque through the urethra. On the other hand, the other iontophoresis devices which are on the market, use a pad which is saturated with the chemical. As of this time, there are no studies which have been done on patients with Peyronie’s Disease that demonstrate that these other devices do result in actual transfer of the drug into the underlying plaque. One study did show that with the Physion device that 71% of patients had measurable levels of Verapamil within their plaque when this procedure was performed prior to a surgical incision of plaque. Therefore at this time it does not appear that all iontophoresis devices are the same until further studies are performed.

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