Is it possible that injecting human growth factor into the affected area of plaque would break down this fibrous tissue? Given that as a side effect for heart patients who have been administered this, had fibrous or fibrotic tissue broken down.

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There has been no study of human growth hormone (hGH) in Peyronie’s disease. I am unaware of the ability of hGH to dissolve collagen or scar. In all of the medical conferences that I have attended in the past decade that have included Peyronie’s disease research presentations, I have never seen any paper presented on this agent. If you are aware of any centers involved in such research please alert us.

Previous In addition to verapamil, colchicine has also been shown to affect the ability of fibroblasts to make collagen. Have studies ever been done to determine whether or not local colchicine delivered via intralesional injection would have results similar, or better, than that of verapamil? Presumably this could deliver the drug to the site of the plaque, but without the systemic ill effects secondary to ingestion of oral colchicine.
Next Is it possible that the “injections” from using erection-inducing drugs caused my Peyronie’s disease?
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