Is PD progressive? Will I continue to lose length and girth? Is there any type of laser surgery to reduce calcified scar tissue?

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PD is a progressive scarring disorder which does tend to stabilize anywhere from 6 months to 2 years after onset. During the progressive active phase, scar will develop and then will cause progressive contraction. This may result in the noted deformities including curvature, shortening and a variety of indentations resulting in loss of girth or hinging. Typically the disorder will stabilized with time, but it is best that when the disease is first recognized, medical therapy is considered using oral therapy, possibly injection therapy or iontophoresis and recently showing some benefit is external traction therapy. All of these approaches try to accelerate stabilization and possibly recover a more normal shape. With regard to laser surgery, there have been no studies which have demonstrated any true beneficial effect. In the past lasers have been used specifically on Peyronie’s plaque and on calcified plaque and in these studies the scar tissue was actually made worse with exaggerated deformity as well. Therefore, at this point topical or surgical use of laser is not indicated for Peyronie’s disease.

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