I’ve had Peyronie’s disease for about 6 years. I can still get adequate erections and achieve intromission. However, there appears to be loss of sensation on one side of the penis which makes it difficult to reach orgasm, causing frustration for me and my partner. Could this be treated and/or reversed?

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Dr. Levine answers: Loss of sensation is an unusual complaint for men with Peyronie’s disease. But your situation may be because the deformity interferes with stimulation of the area on your penis which is important for sexual arousal. If indeed the curvature is responsible for the diminished arousability then correction of deformity may help. On the other hand if this is a sensory loss due to injury, then there is really no recognized treatment to recover nerve sensation in the penis. In men who have this complaint associated with Peyronie’s disease or other causes, I do recommend massage and stretch therapy. The vitamin B complex vitamins have been also reported to be beneficial for nerve recovery, but this has not been supported in large-scale trials, and not at all in the penis. To determine whether the problem is a true sensory loss, biothesiometry, which is a measure of vibratory sensation, can be performed in the urologist office to evaluate the penile sexual sensation nerves.

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